Dr. Nathan D. Lang-Raad is an educator, speaker, and author. He is the ​founder and CEO of Raad Education, where he continues to lead ​innovations in educational practice and theory.

Nathan's rich career history spans roles as a teacher, elementary and high ​school administrator, and university adjunct professor. Notably, he has ​served as the Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction for ​Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools and as an education supervisor at ​NASA's Johnson Space Center. His previous roles include Chief Education ​Officer at WeVideo and Vice President, National Product Line at Savvas ​Learning.

A committed advocate for global sustainability, Nathan serves as the US ​State Ambassador for the Climate Action Project, a collaborative initiative ​supported by the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund, NASA, and the Jane ​Goodall Institute. He is also an advisor for TAG (Take Action Global).

Nathan earned his Bachelor of Arts in General Science-Chemistry from ​Harding University, a Master of Education in Administration and ​Supervision from the University of Houston-Victoria, and a Doctorate of ​Education in Learning Organizations and Strategic Change from David ​Lipscomb University.


He resides with his husband,Herbie Raad, in beautiful Maine.


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Houston, TX

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9 Books with several reaching #1 ​New Release on Amazon

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Chosen to fly

on NasA C-9 Jet

Conducted experiment on NASA-JSC

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US State ​Ambassador for ​the Climate Action ​Project

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Working with the UN, WWF, NASA,

and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Speaking and Workshop Offerings

Instructional Coaching

Equip your instructional coaches ​with the tools they need to ​support teachers effectively. My ​program focuses on developing ​instructional coaching ​frameworks, facilitating ​collaborative sessions, and ​implementing coaching cycles to ​enhance teaching practices and ​improve student outcomes.

The New Art and Science of ​Teaching Mathematics

I provide cutting-edge strategies, ​robust support, and practical ​differentiation techniques to meet ​the diverse needs of all learners. ​This workshop also emphasizes ​unit planning, helping teachers ​design cohesive and ​comprehensive math units that ​promote deep understanding and ​long-term retention.

STEAM and/or Project-Based ​Learning

Guide your school through a ​successful transition to STEAM ​and project-based learning. My ​program offers step-by-step ​support, from planning and ​curriculum design to ​implementation and evaluation, ​ensuring a seamless and effective ​transformation.

Supporting Critical Thinking ​Skills in the Classroom

Enhance your students’ critical ​thinking abilities with targeted ​strategies. Discover methods to ​challenge students intellectually, ​promote analytical reasoning, ​and foster a deeper ​understanding of subject matter ​across all disciplines.

Creating a Structure for ​Creativity in the Classroom

Cultivate a classroom environment ​where creativity thrives. Learn how ​to design and implement ​structures that encourage ​innovative thinking, problem-​solving, and artistic expression, ​making learning a dynamic and ​inspiring experience.

Custom Workshops According to ​Your Needs

Tailor your professional ​development to meet your ​specific goals with my custom ​workshops. I collaborate with you ​to design and deliver sessions ​that address your unique ​challenges and priorities, ​providing actionable insights and ​practical solutions.